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702 Fixit: Your Go-To Las Vegas Handyman for Reliable Services

When it comes to home repairs and improvements, finding a reliable and trustworthy handyman is crucial. In the bustling city of Las Vegas, homeowners often seek professional assistance to ensure their homes are in top-notch condition. This is where 702 Fixit shines as the go-to handyman service provider. With its commitment to quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer service, 702 Fixit has established itself as the premier choice for reliable handyman services in Las Vegas.

  1. Why Choose 702 Fixit?

When selecting a handyman service, reliability is a key factor that homeowners prioritize. 702 Fixit has built a solid reputation based on their unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service to its clients. Here’s why you should choose 702 Fixit for your home repair and improvement needs in Las Vegas:

a. Experience and Expertise: 702 Fixit boasts a team of skilled professionals who have extensive experience in various handyman services. Whether it’s plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, or general repairs, their experts have the knowledge and expertise to handle any task efficiently.

b. Prompt and Efficient Service: Time is of the essence when it comes to home repairs. 702 Fixit understands this and ensures that their team arrives promptly at your doorstep, equipped with the necessary tools and materials to complete the job efficiently.

c. Transparent Pricing: No one likes surprises when it comes to pricing. 702 Fixit provides transparent and competitive pricing for its services. They offer detailed estimates before starting any work, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the costs involved.

d. Licensed and Insured: Hiring a licensed and insured handyman service like 702 Fixit provides peace of mind. Their team adheres to industry standards, ensuring that all work is carried out safely and up to code.

  1. Comprehensive Handyman Services

702 Fixit offers a wide range of handyman services to meet all your home repair and improvement needs. Here are some of the services they specialize in:

a. Plumbing: From fixing leaky faucets to repairing burst pipes, their skilled plumbers can handle all your plumbing issues efficiently.

b. Electrical Work: Whether it’s installing new lighting fixtures, troubleshooting electrical problems, or rewiring 702 Fixit’s electricians are well-equipped to handle electrical tasks safely.

c. Carpentry: Need assistance with custom cabinetry, furniture assembly, or door repairs? The carpentry experts at 702 Fixit will provide precise and meticulous craftsmanship to enhance your home’s aesthetics.

d. General Repairs and Maintenance: 702 Fixit can assist you with a wide range of general repairs, including drywall repairs, painting, tile installation, and more. No job is too big or too small for their skilled team.

  1. Customer Testimonials

The trust and satisfaction of their customers speak volumes about 702 Fixit’s reliable services. Here are a few testimonials from delighted homeowners in Las Vegas:

  • “702 Fixit went above and beyond in fixing our plumbing issues. Their team was professional, courteous, and efficient. We highly recommend their services!” – Sarah R.
  • “When it comes to handyman services in Las Vegas, 702 Fixit is simply the best. They completed our electrical work flawlessly, and their pricing was reasonable. We won’t hesitate to call them again!” – Mark T.


When you’re in need of a reliable handyman service in Las Vegas, look no further than 702 Fixit. With their team of experienced professionals, commitment to customer satisfaction, and a wide range of services, they are the go-to choice for all your home repair and improvement needs. Experience the peace of mind that comes with hiring a trustworthy handyman service by contacting 702Fixit today. Let their experts take care of your home, so you can enjoy a well-maintained and functional living space in the vibrant city of Las Vegas.

Remember, when it comes to reliability and quality, 702 Fixit is the name you can trust!

Contact 702 Fixit at 702.377.1557 or click here to schedule an appointment or learn more about their services.

Disclaimer: This blog post is for informational purposes only. Please consult with a professional before undertaking any repairs or improvements in your home.

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