How to Choose the Right Lighting Fixtures for Your House?

Las Vegas is home to 702Fixit Handyman Services, an all-in-one handyman service providing light repairs and installations. Founded to assist in the completion of general services designed to keep your home operating in full function at an affordable price, we have been serving the valley for over two decades. Why wait and pay more with […]

Ceiling Fan Installation Las Vegas: Why to Hire a Professional

702 Fixit Handyman Services is a full-service handyman company serving the greater Las Vegas valley. Founded out of a passion for helping homeowners maintain function within their space and keep up on property maintenance we have become the premier handyman service in the area.  Over two decades of providing services in Las Vegas we have […]

Tile Flooring Installation From Las Vegas Industry Professionals

The all-in-one handyman business 702Fixit Handyman Services is locally owned and operated in Las Vegas. Our business began out of a desire to keep homes clean and functional, assisting property and homeowners with old-world craftsmanship and quality home repairs. With over two decades of experience serving Las Vegas with our multi-skilled and professional team, we […]

Top 10 benefits of hiring the best handyman services in Las Vegas

A handyman is a person who does regular maintenance. Repairing plumbing systems, servicing essential appliances, as well as ensuring the proper operation of various aspects of your home or commercial property is among the usual jobs required to be performed.  Handymen are experienced in a wide range of skills and can perform minor repairs and […]

Features to Consider in A Professional Handyman Service in Las Vegas

A handyman is a skilled worker who does routine maintenance. The typical tasks include repairing plumbing systems, maintaining appliances, installing, and troubleshooting. In short, your handyman guarantees the effective operation of various commercial or residential items. Handymen have a wide variety of skills and can perform small repairs. They may be able to help you […]

Handymen Make Life Easier: Home Projects That Require A Handyman

A handyman is a professional who does normal maintenance on a home or business. Repairing plumbing systems, general property maintenance, installations and repairs are among the various services you will find most handyman services provide. Handymen are skilled in a wide range of tasks and perform minor repairs. While only basic licensing is needed, handymen […]

5 Ways to Find a Handyman You Can Trust in Las Vegas

The decision to bring a stranger, which is what handyman is likely to be, into your home is not an easy one to make; this is no different in Las Vegas. So, you want to hire a handyman who’ll not constitute a security threat to your home. Besides, you want to hire a handyman who will not defraud you of your […]

Do You Want to Make Your House a Quieter Place in Las Vegas?

Minimize Internal Noise Generators at Homes Home theaters, appliances, and kitchen tools are some of the things that generate noise at homes. To ensure that noise is reduced at home, it is advisable to minimize the quantity of these appliance and gadgets that generate noise at home. A better option is to go for the […]

Handyman services can Re-create an old house to Become New

Yay! You just got your dream house downtown Las Vegas, the one you have been dreaming about. When you finally move in, you realize things are not like it seems. Imagine the look on your face when you realized the door knob of the cabinets in the pretty kitchen you imagined baking cakes on Sundays […]

Types Of Services You Should Allow Mr Handyman Offer

A handyman who is also referred to as a handyperson, handy worker or fixer is one with talents of a broad range of repairs, usually around the home. There are several things that we cannot handle due to our busy schedules, handymen can be of great help to make life more convenient and they provide effectiveness and […]