How to Choose the Right Lighting Fixtures for Your House?

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Lighting fixtures

In most home renovation projects, lighting fixtures are often an afterthought. When the designer considers lighting as a practical component of a room, something that provides aesthetic value, the overall design features are enhanced. Without proper lighting fixtures, your space may get to be a bit gloomy and therefore, miss a mark of luster and beauty. 

Properly designed lighting can elevate your space, illuminating it and adding a level of ambiance that is otherwise lacking. The number of options for your interior lighting fixture styles is vastly abundant. Available in any number of colors, shapes, sizes, and budgets you will surely want assistance in finding just the right ones for your space. This is where 702 FixIt Handyman Services can help. Our extensive experience and knowledge will help you find the ideal solutions for your lighting needs.

Light fixture design selection

Selecting the right light fixtures can dramatically change the ambiance of your space. Higher-end finishes often come with a higher price tag but great fixtures can be found at affordable prices. Your light fixtures should be seamlessly incorporated into your design. Other factors to consider are color palette, room shape, natural light availability, and furniture in the room.

Accurately placing the light fixtures

Ensuring your space has the right lighting is simple when you have 702 FixIt Handyman at your side. Together we will devise a strategy for positioning the lights so that it complements the scale and size of the space. Beginning with a simple calculation of the room size and dimensions will ensure proper light coverage. Tall, slender floor lamps are ideal for smaller spaces while sleek lights above the cabinets are better suited for larger spaces.

The positioning and alignment of light fixtures in a room will also make a significant impact on the overall aesthetic of the space. The space above the furniture could be lit in a different way as opposed to the corners in order to create a dramatic effect at the center of the room.

Avoid dark spots

In a room that is moderately sized, it would be ideal if the rooms have windows on two or three sides, as this configuration allows light to enter and brightens the space.

Our design team can install wall-mounted lights at several points on the wall where there are not any fixtures. For a fashionable statement, sconces, recess lighting, or hanging lights. Table lamps are the most adaptable and can assist by giving extra ambient light in medium-sized areas.

In more open areas consider installing crystal-clear chandeliers to add a touch of luxury to the space. It will bring more light into the area while also creating an aesthetically pleasing design element. Consider where you might want to read or to have a conversation when selecting permanent fixtures and where lamps may be placed. 

Not going overboard with the lights

Less is sometimes more. It is better to turn on a few lights in order to provide proper illumination within your space. A recessed light over your sink may be ideal whereas under cabinet lighting is a beautiful enhancement option. No one can go wrong with proper lighting, but too much light may make the space appear tiny, tacky, and cluttered.

It would be imperative to make sure there are not too many distinct light sources in a single location. This will result in many shadows and a congested appearance.

Identifying the need for lighting

The homeowner should choose if there needs to be a direct emphasis on the workspace or ambient lighting that can enhance the whole space of the room. The different rooms in your home should have a varied mix depending on the mood and the purpose of the space. It would be advisable to have our team assist you in selecting the right lighting for each space.

Lighting as per the room

The lighting in the entryway is crucial since it may make the property appear more inviting. As a result, it is important to make sure to strike the right tone as anyone walks in the door. A huge light or chandelier is a good option. Accent lights may assist accentuate the beauty of artwork that is exhibited on the walls.

The lighting in the living room requires a critical need to strike the correct balance. This is a typically versatile environment that is utilized for both entertainment and relaxation. It would be prudent to decide on employing permanent fixtures like chandeliers or pendant lighting. You may also consider floor lamps and sconces, along with a dimmer switch.

Be sure to give consideration to the fact that the dining table is always a focal point in your dining room. It is a great place to start when considering the theme of lighting fixtures throughout your home. Chandeliers are commonly used in this space and pendant lights are also preferred. Moreover, if the homeowner wants to draw attention to a certain aspect of the space, it would be advisable to use a task lamp or accent lighting.

Kitchens, on the other hand, often require varying types of lighting. Cooking areas need proper lighting, as does the entire space. There would also be the need for additional illumination in places like the kitchen island, sink, and bar. All of these spaces can benefit from pendant lighting and could be coupled with spotlights or recessed lighting.


702 Fixit Handyman Services ensure that the overall lighting fixtures done by the electricians of the firm are fitted as per the requirements of the homeowner. The final result would match the expectations and ensure that the overall space is well lit and beautiful.

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