Handyman Or Contractor, Who Should You Hire

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When people have home repairs or refurbishing, the question of who should be hired comes up, a handyman service or a contractor? The thought of trying to Do-It-Yourself might come lurking in. Trust me, it might not be your best decision in all scenarios from cases of what you want not being identical to what to you got. So it boils down to who will do a better job, a handyman service or a contractor?

So what is the difference, a handyman is one who possesses lot of experience with working and fixing homes. Handymen are flexible but may not possess the training or expertise of a contractor. A contractor on the other hand is a licensed business and can employ minor trades to implement a major project. A contractor is to complete services under the guidelines of a contract that both parties have agreed and signed to. They can also be hired based on specialty. However, both professions have similarities and each has its benefits.

There are several myths about how handymen are unskilled and are restricted to small chores such as clearing of gutters, unreliable and are expensive. These are mere myths and should be debunked. A handyman can be a contractor and vice versa. Some of the several advantages of handymen are explained below:

Cheaper services
If you are trying to save up money for a show in Las Vegas, every dollar you put aside would definitely mean a lot. So when a repair is needed to be done in the house, a handyman near you is your best bet to call. You are guaranteed of a good job at a very cheap rate compared to that of a contractor. With the cheap rates you get from Mr handyman, start packing your bags because Vegas show cannot wait to have you.

Handling of smaller projects
Majority of the contractors would not want to come to houses to repair small damages such as a leaking tap, minor electrical repairs or changing the door knob. They would rather take on projects that are large-scaled like for companies, industries, apartment complexes and so on. However, handymen can offer this type of services easily. Handymen can offer services as low-scaled as patching a hole in your dry wall or fixing the light issue you have. No job is considered too small by a handyman, this attributes for the increase in the need of the services they offer.

Personalized service
Handyman services have an added advantage of offering personalized services to you. So make a list of personal details you want from the way you want the tiles installed to the insulation of the attic. Your wish is the command of the handyman service. Handymen perform jobs to suit your personal style and taste and pay enormous attention to details. Unlike, contractor services who are too busy to handle personalized requests and offer such services.

What Should You Ask a Handyman Service Before Hiring in Las Vegas?
Everyone of us have had to postpone attending to little repairs in our homes at some point simply because we did not have the time to fix them or we just think they are minor repairs and so can be attended to later. Somehow, those minor repairs find a way to become a major deal that requires the services of a professional, usually a handyman. At this point, you are probably really bothered and just want the problem to go away, which makes it very easy for you to fall into the wrong hands. In this post, there are five major questions that you should ask any handyman service provider before hiring them in Las Vegas and environs.
Have you done this before?
When it comes to handyman services, it is very important that you find out if your handyman has done a similar job before. In this line of business, the experience is as important as the skill set, so you have to ensure that you know the area your handyman specializes in. The fact that Handyman A can paint and repair sinks and leaking faucets does not mean that they can do interior modeling, and vice versa.
How soon can you get this done?
Let’s face it! Most of us will not call a handyman until it becomes an emergency, so you definitely need to know just how long it will take the person to get the job done. Nobody wants a faucet that keeps leaking or a gutter that needs to be cleaned for days on end.
Do you offer any warranties and for how long?
This is one of the most important questions you should ask, and if you forget to ask, best believe you will regret it. Ask the handyman service if they have any warranties on whatever repairs they do, ask what the warranty covers and then ask them how long it would last for. It is usually best to get a written warranty so you can call them to come back to fix any problems that arise within the stipulated time. However, in the event that the handyman service says they do not offer any warranties and cannot promise to come fix any problems that arise after they fixed something in your home, you should not hire them. But if you decide to, you might as well dance to the music.
Are there outstanding claims or negative reports?
This is important because it will provide you with an insight into the way the handyman service conducts their business. If they have been slapped with law suits before, you should find out the reason for the suit and also how it was resolved as well as its potential effect on you. You should also make findings from people who live in the same area and may have used their services.
How do you handle customer complaints?
Considering that you are hoping to create a lasting working relationship that may result in repeat business and referrals, this is a very valid question. How they handle customer complaints will also provide an insight into the kind of business they operate.
There are several other questions you should ask before hiring a local handyman service in Las Vegas, but these ones should help you decide quickly if you want to work with them or not.
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