Ceiling Fan Installation Las Vegas: Why to Hire a Professional

702 Fixit Handyman Services is a full-service handyman company serving the greater Las Vegas valley. Founded out of a passion for helping homeowners maintain function within their space and keep up on property maintenance we have become the premier handyman service in the area. 

Over two decades of providing services in Las Vegas we have honed our skills and created a team of experienced and knowledgeable craftsmen. Whether you are in need of simple repairs or appliance installations we are the right company to complete your “honey-do” list on budget and in a short amount of time. 

Benefits of Using a Ceiling Fan

Since their invention in 1882, ceiling fans have provided efficient air circulation in any space. Aiding in the distribution of air throughout your room they keep temperatures consistent. Due to their design, it is recommended to run ceiling fans counter-clockwise throughout the summer and then clockwise during the winter. This pushed cold air down during hotter months and up during colder months. Overall, this helps to improve the consistency of temperatures throughout your home. The resulting breeze created by ceiling fans keeps your space comfortable and airy. 

Ceiling fans are more energy-efficient than air conditioners. Running the fan may lower the temperature in the house by up to 8 degrees. This adds up to significant monthly utility cost savings. Ceiling fans with built-in lighting can serve a dual purpose and add illumination to your overall space. This is especially handy in areas that are otherwise dimly lit.

Modern ceiling fans come equipped with state-of-the-art technology to enhance airflow efficiently. This means that the fans come with fan blades optimized using aerospace engineering technology to maximize the airflow. Most fans have remote control and built-in timers making them more user-friendly and convenient. 

As better motors have been built, there are many models that offer virtually silent options. The best efficiency includes leading power trains to increase their lifespan and decrease issues. 

Most of the modern ceiling fans happen to come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials. The décor of the room could be matched with the type of ceiling fan. The overall look of the room could be significantly improved by adding an appropriate ceiling fan.

It is possible to lessen the dependency on the HVAC system by using a ceiling fan. According to research, ceiling fans may cut the overall energy use by 40% in the summer and 10% in the winter. That is unquestionably a triumph for the environment and could save a great deal of money.

Ceiling fans, unlike tower fans or space heaters, do not take up as much living area. Freeing up space is very important, especially since property prices have been skyrocketing. The ceiling is often a welcome space for your fan. 

The benefits of cool winds should not be restricted to the inside. One of the most efficient methods to cool outdoor living spaces is to use ceiling fans. Ceiling fans are also helpful for keeping pests at bay.

Why Hire a Professional to Install a Ceiling Fan

There are a number of safety concerns when it comes to repairing or installing a ceiling fan. Most ceiling fans must be assembled, and in the instance of a wobbly ceiling fan, a novice may have a painstaking task of trial and error to correct the issue. Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable handyman will ensure that your ceiling fan is properly assembled and functioning well, which would reduce your chances of it malfunctioning or breaking altogether.  

The ceiling box, which acts as a fixture between the ceiling fan and the ceiling, needs to be attached firmly and in a proper manner. Failure to do so might result in injury to people or damage to your property. As a seasoned ceiling fan installer, 702 FixIt Handyman Services can ensure that all parts of your fan are properly mounted and installed. 

Saving money is a major benefit of hiring a handyman from 702 FixIt Handyman Services. Our team is well versed in all aspects of installation including the electrical wiring associated. Having the installation performed by a professional ensures that your warranty will remain in good standing. Thus, hiring a handyman from 702 Fixit works to the benefit of the homeowner as it covers the warranty of both the fan and the installation.

Why choose 702 FixIt Handyman Services?

The skilled team at 702 FixIt Handyman Services has a lot of experience dealing with the installation of electric appliances. The overall setup period would not exceed a few hours and the final result is guaranteed to match our stringent standards of excellence.

Every employee of 702 FixIt Handyman Services is committed to going about the whole project by including all the safety standards and practices to avoid any mishaps. The service would always be provided with a smile and the overall result will live up to your expectations. 


The presence of a ceiling fan would be beneficial to the home in more ways than one. The installation of the ceiling fan would be extremely tough to be carried out unless the homeowner has previous experience. This is where 702 FixIt Handyman Services step in to complete the task as efficiently as possible to be very sure of the setup completely. Contact details are available at the 702 FixIt website for your free estimate and to schedule your installation today

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