How To Spot A Rip Off Handyman Service In Las Vegas

The importance of handyman services cannot be over-emphasized, they help to put the house in order from repairing natural wear-and-tear to maintaining the house seasonally, living room customization as other essential jobs. A handyman is an expert who is reliable and carries home-maintenance and repair. It is disheartening to see cons attempting to defraud people by presenting as a handyman. If you do not want to fall a victim, you have to be able to recognize these scam artists. Below are a few tips to spot a rip off handyman.

Handyman who shows up at your home uninvited
A genuine handyman will not show up at your doorstop un-invited. Fraudsters usually appear in the best of clothes and wearing compassionate smiles. They say they were just passing the neighborhood and noticed some repairs you need in your home. They usually prey on vulnerable individuals whose home has been affected by a natural disaster such as storm.

One who asks for up-front payment
No reputable handyman service will ask for a full payment before beginning the job. The trick used is usually offering a free renovation of something insignificant or give an unbeatable low rate. When you have agreed to this, they convince you to allow them check your house for other repairs which they fix at the low price. When the items to be fixed have been identified, the scam tries to persuade you to pay an up-front payment. Most people might fall for this because they do not want such a good deal to pass them by. They usually never show up after payment has been made or do a shoddy job.

Voluntary phone calls
Shady handymen make voluntary or unsolicited calls to individuals. A real handyman would never call you. These scams usually would not want to see the potential work before quoting an estimate, one that might be hard to resist. Adverts are placed by genuine handyman services in the neighborhood or online to get clients.

No warranty and license
Legit handymen do not produce any authentic document to show their reliability. Talk is cheap and that is what these cons usually offer. They can talk all day about the good jobs they have done and might even show you pictures of supposed jobs they have done. However, they cannot provide you warranty or license.

Service provider cannot be found online
There are sites and organizations that support businesses which are in good standing and provide good services. If a supposed handyman service cannot be found in Las Vegas directory, you can contact such businesses to give a review. Simply typing ‘Handyman services near me’ or ‘Handyman near me’ on google search can make your service easier.

So next time you need the services of a handyman, make sure it meets all these requirements listed above before you proceed. If one shows up to your door step unaware, do not let them access your home.

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