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Handyman Drywall Repair in Las Vegas

Updating the design of your home may be more complicated than changing out your flooring or adding a fresh coat of paint. To achieve the fully remodeled look you desire a change to the layout may be required. At 702Fixit our highly skilled handyman team is able to knock down walls, create new walls, or build entire new rooms and extensions to your existing home, giving you the layout, look, and feel you want at a price you can afford.

Common Home Layout Alterations

We are often asked to add a new room, create an open floor plan, or change the layout in a bathroom or kitchen. All of these layout alterations in your home can create a fresh and modern floor plan. As a handyman service, we provide all of the trades you need to complete your project from planning to completion in one expertly skilled team. From demolition to installation, flooring to finishes, we do it all.

Whether you have a load-bearing wall that requires a beam, need footings poured, or want to ensure a seamless transition throughout your property, you can rest assured that 702Fixit is the right team for the job. We work in compliance with all relevant building codes, ensuring that your project is fully permitted and that your property has properly passed all inspections.

In Las Vegas, you can have top-quality craftsmanship at a fraction of the cost. Contact our team at 702Fixit to give you a FREE Estimate and see for yourself how much we can save you on your home alteration project.

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