Tile Flooring Installation From Las Vegas Industry Professionals

The all-in-one handyman business 702Fixit Handyman Services is locally owned and operated in Las Vegas. Our business began out of a desire to keep homes clean and functional, assisting property and homeowners with old-world craftsmanship and quality home repairs.

With over two decades of experience serving Las Vegas with our multi-skilled and professional team, we can solve a variety of problems with ease. Our team of professional handymen is as excited about offering you assistance as they are knowledgeable. Offering our skilled labor to Las Vegas residents has kept us busy over the last 20 years.

Some of the more common services requested from our team include home renovations, painting, repairs, remodeling, and restoration. Whether it’s a small fixture replacement or a complete style change we can help quickly and affordably. The number of services provided by 702Fixit Handyman Services is as infinite as the repairs you may need at your home.

Tile Floor Installation

Ceramic tile installation will improve the look and feel of your home or commercial property. It is important to hire a licensed and highly skilled contracting team to complete the task. Tile installation is a process that can take a long time if you don’t have the right tools for the removal of your existing flooring and installation. It may also not lay properly without properly preparing the floor for installation. 

With 702FixIt Handyman Services at your side, you will have a guarantee that your project will proceed with confidence and be completed within your budget. Our experienced team is available to start your project from demo to installation fast. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our projects and have many references we can provide.

The 702FixIt Handyman Services Difference

Installing or replacing tiles in your bathroom, kitchen, or any other room in your home calls for a skilled tiler. When working with a general contractor or interior designer you will pay a premium and often find that you are bending to their sense of design rather than incorporating your own. When it comes to renovations they are often providing the same set of trend styles and finishes to everybody they encounter. Then they have subcontractors, like our team, complete a significant amount of the work. 

Skip straight to the professional installers at 702 Fixit that know just how to complete the tile installation process from beginning to end. We have performed installations with many general contractors and interior designers. Allow us to gleam their knowledge at a more affordable rate into your home. With our assistance, your space will have the same look and feel at a price you can be satisfied with. As the homeowner or property owner you pick out and purchase the tiles we select together. Then our team will complete the installation from demolition to finished. 

702 FixIt brings the right tools for the job

You can rest assured that our team of professional floor tilers will arrive at your project site with all of the necessary tools and labor needed for your project. When you combine our professional equipment with a team that is skilled in using it, you can guarantee the finished project will be breathtaking. After many years and thousands of tiles laid by our team, we know how to overcome any obstacle from demolition to site preparations and through installation. The resulting space will undoubtedly stand the test of time. 

If you have already started your project, or have a project that another contractor has abandoned, we can help. We often work with homeowners that attempted a DIY project but ended up getting aggravated at the process and tediousness. It is also not uncommon for us to be asked to complete projects where general contractors or other tile companies have disappeared entirely. Let us help you get your project completed, and transform your space from a headache to tranquility. 

  • Saves time

Any renovation, even small ones, causes disruption to your home. This is why the aspect of time management is so important to our team. We work to ensure that we provide you with a timeline, check up on your frequency, and complete your project within the outlined window. Whether you want our team to complete your transformation, or work with you to ensure your space is prepared and tiles are laid properly, 702 FixIt Handyman Services is here to offer our assistance. 

  • Cost-effective

Most folks may believe that hiring a professional floor tiler is too costly. Professional tilers, from 702 FixIt Handyman Services, offer quality services at an affordable rate. We work with you to ensure that your project is completed properly and quickly.

  • Rescuing the warranty

When homeowners install their own tiles, they run the risk of losing the warranty on the tile. If tile or grout is damaged as a result of incorrect installation, many tile manufacturers will not honor their guarantees. This can be avoided by contacting a specialist and the homeowner can safeguard the warranty as well as guarantee that the products will be covered if any problems arise in the future.

  • Avoiding damaged tiles

Every tile installation project has an expected amount of “breakage.” This simply refers to the number of tiles that will be damaged or broken as a result of how the tiles are laid and during delivery and installation. Our expert team ensures that you know what volume to order to accommodate this margin. We also ensure that during installation this number isn’t increased due to improper cuts or irresponsible handling. Every tile that breaks or is damaged has a cost associated, the most expensive cost is a delay in your installation. Let our team help keep your breakage down and your project on task. 

  • Avoiding water damage

Preparing your space for tile installation is key when you want to ensure a water-tight seal. This is especially important in your kitchen or bathrooms. In these areas, water can leak in via cracks and holes in tile or grout that have been installed properly. The resulting water can cause mold and mildew to form in the floors or walls, posing a health risk in the house. This can be avoided by hiring a professional, who reduces the likelihood of incorrect installations as well as a result of any trace of water damage.

  • Proper inspection of the subfloor

Before any tile flooring installation can begin, the foundation must be examined for damage. If your foundation is damaged, all necessary repairs must be completed before the flooring may be installed. Before beginning laying the new flooring, 702 Fixit Handyman Services will ensure that a proper inspection is completed.


One of the most valuable finishes in any home is the flooring. It happens to be one of the first things visitors see when anyone enters your residence. Depending on what your preferences are for style and materials, there is always a solution that fits the budget and preferences of the homeowner. The beauty and intricacy that floor tiles give to the simpler portions of your space are a few of the reasons why such tiles are valued in kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces.

Tiles are also often simple to install and care for. They are available in a variety of styles to meet the preferences of a wide range of people. Hiring a professional floor tiler from 702 Fixit Handyman Services with years of expertise will ensure that the homeowner would have the floor which is desired.

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